Tripod X, A New Era of Ease & Speed.

Tripod X, A New Era of Ease & Speed.

Here is the world’s first fully-motorized tripod: Tripod X.

We have redesigned every detail about a tripod from the ground up, and for the first time, a truly easy way to set up heavy camera loads is now possible. With Tripod X, you can adjust the height of any camera load with the touch of a button, allowing you to save your energy for what really matters—your productivity.

Tripod X can automatically level itself on any type of surface. The sensors inside ensure perfect leveling, eliminating the risk of accidentally shooting tilted videos.

For the first time in history, a tripod allows you to adjust the height while seeing the exact frame you’ll capture. It enables you to make fine adjustments effortlessly until you achieve the perfect frame.

Imagine a tripod that does not require your assistance while it elevates, allowing you to handle other tasks during the height adjustment. This not only frees you from physical effort but also saves your valuable time. When you have such an amazing level of comfort and speed, the variety and precision of the shots you will achieve will increase dramatically.

Think of the countless people who tire themselves out just to adjust their frames. Any pro camera user knows this agony very well. This is unhealthy and also puts valuable equipment at risk. Instead, let Tripod X take you into the new world of comfortable and fast video production.

You can also set Tripod X for motion time-lapse videos. It will deliver never-before-seen results with high production value without requiring any extra equipment. It was time to reinvent the tripod that stayed the same for centuries. With Tripod X, you are now ready for the future.

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