HeadPLUS Bundles

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Ahorra $200
Add-ons for HeadPLUS BundleAdd-ons for HeadPLUS Bundle
Add-ons for HeadPLUS Bundle Precio de oferta$1,097 Precio normal$1,297
Ahorra $500
CineMove 4-Axis BundleCineMove 4-Axis Bundle
CineMove 4-Axis Bundle Precio de oferta$2,997 Precio normal$3,497
Ahorra $700
Omni Motion BundleOmni Motion Bundle
Omni Motion Bundle Precio de oferta$3,463 Precio normal$4,163
HeadPLUS Complete BundleHeadPLUS Complete Bundle
HeadPLUS Complete Bundle Precio de ofertaDesde $2,455 Precio normal$2,855
Ahorra $500
MaxReach Motion BundleMaxReach Motion Bundle
MaxReach Motion Bundle Precio de oferta$2,098 Precio normal$2,598
Ahorra $400
Tabletop Motion BundleTabletop Motion Bundle
Tabletop Motion Bundle Precio de oferta$1,598 Precio normal$1,998

Purchasing edelkrone products in bundles is better as it offers a comprehensive, seamlessly integrated motion control system at a significantly discounted price, ultimately enhancing your filmmaking experience while maximizing your budget.

*Our bundle offers are not permanent and may be discontinued at any time.