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The world's smartest motorized motion control system just got a lot wiser. Vision Module, which attaches on HeadPLUS v2 or HeadPLUS v2 PRO, adds groundbreaking features like face tracking, object tracking, and wireless video transmission to your edelkrone ecosystem.
Watch Video
Watch Video Vision Module
Instant & Advanced
face tracking
Object tracking
Live feedback on multiple mobile devices
Utilizes camera image sensor when tracking
Standalone operation for live video transmission
Adjustable offsets on x/y axis for tracked target
Ideal companion for
one-person crews
Flawless edelkrone ecosystem integration
Available on iOS & Android
Visualize, Automate & Advance your production.
Intuitive Face Tracking
Vision Module adds smart, responsive & fully automated camera movements to your production that make working with moving subjects easier than ever. Vision Module instantly locks on to the face you select with a single tap from your edelkrone App and tracks its movement utilizing the motorized mechanism of HeadPLUS v2 or HeadPLUS v2 PRO. Vision Module flawlessly connects & communicates with your entire edelkrone ecosystem to make your workflow even more efficient.
Available on iOS & Android.
Arbitrary Object Tracking
Vision Module is designed & optimized for face tracking. This said, Vision Module can also be used for arbitrary object tracking in suitable scenarios which gives you more options to explore your creativity. The intuitive interface of the edelkrone App makes setting up non-facial tracking extremely easy.
Live Feed from Your Camera
Everything your camera sees, you can see on your mobile devices by adding Vision Module to your setup. When combined with HeadPLUS v2 or HeadPLUS v2 PRO, Vision Module allows you to see what you’re tracking through Vision mode as well as Keypose & Target modes using edelkrone App. Alternatively, Vision Module can be used on its own for video transmission from your camera to your mobile device without the need for any additional equipment.
The reliability and quality of the live feed will depend on your network connection.
Dynamic & responsive tracking, now possible with Vision Module.
Vision Module
Cutting-edge features in detail.
Instant & Advanced Face Tracking
Vision Module offers the fastest & most intuitive way to track any face that appears on the screen. Just tap “Instant Face Tracking” on edelkrone App and start filming.
The advanced features of Vision Module include the ability to introduce up to three faces in the edelkrone App and easily switching between them as you film. The face introduction process only takes a few seconds and Vision Module continues to track faces even if they move in and out of the frame.
Adjustable Framing for Cinematic Results
You can even adjust the offset coordinates of your subject inside the camera frame using the edelkrone App to achieve cinematic framing with Vision Module. Adjustable framing provides you with a strong tool to tell your story.
Portable Monitors for You & Your Crew
Just like the rest of the edelkrone ecosystem, HeadPLUS v2 or HeadPLUS v2 PRO setups with Vision Module can be controlled from a single mobile device at a given time. On top of that, multiple devices on a shared network can connect to the same Vision Module to view the live feed directly from your camera. Depending on your Wi-Fi network quality, you can connect more than five mobile devices to Vision Module. This live feed feature works with edelkrone's free app and gives you the option to have several portable "monitors" for your crew.
Ultimate addition to complete your edelkrone ecosystem.
Vision Module
Works with your camera to elevate your ecosystem.
Perfect Tracking in Challenging Environments
Unlike other products on the market, Vision Module taps directly into your camera HDMI feed to provide sensitive tracking. Vision Module utilizes the image sensors of your camera to provide perfect tracking, even in typically challenging low light settings*.
* The sensitivity of Vision Module's tracking ability will depend on the specifications of your camera.
New Features for Your edelkrone Motion Control Systems
Vision Module fits perfectly into edelkrone's smart, modular ecosystem. It was designed to unlock new & advanced features for your setup while staying true to edelkrone's innovative vision. HeadPLUS v2 or HeadPLUS v2 PRO is required to bring the face & object tracking system to life, but the addition of edelkrone Sliders, Dollies, and Jibs can provide you with even more possibilities when filming.
One-Person Crew to Do It All
By adding Vision Module to your edelkrone setup, you can create the ultimate one-person crew to assist you when filming. The dynamic shots you create can easily trick your audience into thinking you had an entire crew of professionals helping out behind the scenes. Vision Module is the perfect solution for any filmmaker, videographer, content creator, YouTuber, Twitch streamer, or anyone who wants to add effortless & responsive movements to their shots.
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Any HeadPLUS v1 / Head Module / Target Module
Face tracking with Vision Module
Physical on/off button, auto power off
Physical pan & tilt lock
Information screen with instant feedback
Improved wireless connection, longer range
Fine-leveling adjustment knob for L-bracket
Added link port creates the option of a wired connection with edelkrone Link Adapter
HeadPLUS v2
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Mark E.
Canada Canada

One Man Crew, Indeed!!

I am very happy with this product.

Stephen N.
United States United States

Game changer in self tracking

The Vision Module, like all other Edelkrone produces, was a seemless integration with the Slider Plus V5 and HeadOne. I immediately achieved great parallax and instant face tracking that keeps me in the frame. Adjustable reframing with the joy stick on the app. Super impressed.

Carlos L.
United States United States

Excellent for one man bands

I have a Ronin RS2 with the tracking feature but this is far better. It’s one device that is dedicated to one function and it allows you to track multiple faces. You can set a face and move out of the frame and when you’re back in it picks you back up. Setting it up does require much patience. There’s now a very good video on their site of a guy really showing it in use and it helps a lot. Worth the 18 minutes for sure. I’d suggest Eldekrone do an in-depth setup video as that will save people a lot of time.

Leon H.
United States United States

Vision Module exceeded my expectations!

I absolutely love the Vision Module! It works as advertised and I use it more often than I expected! Now I’m looking at the dollyplus pro to go with it! I would definitely purchase it again!

Keith P.
United States United States


edelkrone Vision Module Review