Tripod Wheels

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Traditional tripod wheels (needs to be locked/unlocked all the time)

All current tripod wheels uncontrollably move with the slightest trigger.

To be able to shoot anything with them, you need to lock each wheel individually.

edelkrone Tripod Wheels (no locking needed)

edelkrone Tripod Wheels have no locks on them and move easily when you push them, but they act like they are locked as soon as you leave them. No locking required.

Compatible to your needs

Works with any Tripod

The wheels feature friendly pits where you can place any type of tripod foot, ensuring wide compatibility with all general-purpose tripods.

Safety Straps

Straps are provided for additional safety and can be used with all kinds of tripods.

Foldable Design

Just unfold the Tripod Wheels and put your tripod on. You're free to move around.

Perfect Companion for Tripod X

Tripod Wheels are specially optimized for Tripod X. Simply align Tripod X on the Tripod Wheels, secure the feet with the Velcro straps, and effortlessly move your entire setup around the studio, regardless of its weight.

Tech specs

Box Contents

Tripod Wheels, Tension adjustment Allen, 3 x Velcro straps

Folded dimensions for storage

4 x 4 x 20 inch (10 x 10 x 50 cm)

  • 3.74 lbs (1.7 kg)